December 8th, 2004


Good News For A Change

Just got off the phone with purpleflake...dravengodvamp's court date went really well. They sentenced him to only two years, and chances are very good that he'll get out at his first hearing, which is only four months. Regardless, when he DOES get out, he's a free man, clear and no restrictions.

Considering the situation, that just about the best we could have hoped for. Never thought I'd be praising the Texas Justice system, but there ya go.
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Kiss My Ass

Foolish, Foolish Humans

There's nothing quite so wonderful as working for people who don't have any fuckin' clue how what they want works. Case in point: after doing an animated tile ad, they come back with things to add. Sadly, the file size cannot exceed 12kb (which is tiny as it is), and it's already that. Adding to it is not happening. And yet, like the tool that I am, I'll work it out, somehow...

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