December 9th, 2004

Cry Blood (Hurt)

R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell

Seems some crazy guy with a pistol jumped on-stage at a DamagePlan show in Colombus, Ohio, this evening, and started to empty a clip and was finally tackled by bouncers; eventually, police shot and killed him. Witnesses say he was apparently targeting the band, and after his initial shots, he turned on the crowd. Darrell and another band member were killed, and the final count is 5 dead and 2 wounded.

You'll be greatly missed, D. The rock and metal worlds have lost a shining star.
Glow Skull

Mo' Money

Well, let's see here. Dad sent me some moolah for the ol' b'day, which is going partly to the Get Frank's Fat Ass A Bike Fund. Two more bits of work today go on the month's invoice, which is climbing up there, charge-wise. Not that they have paid me...STILL...yes, they are still late and getting later. *sigh* It's just grand to work for free, ain't it? Actually, thinking of putting these work bits up on my website. Might be nice to update with some examples of my actual work.

Ah well...time for lunch and part 2 of Rose Red, then some Half-Life 2...then, maybe, an icon or two. Yeah, I'm just a real party-in-progress, eh?
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Smackdown (Anger)


wesa and sm101 have both popped up on me tonight with a link to the trailer for the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", so I guess that just went up. Let me give you my opinion, since you didn't ask for it:

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