December 19th, 2004


(no subject)

OK, first off, I had the best damn gyro yesterday evening that I think I've ever had. Add that to some Pink Panther cartoons and a little Dungeon Siege with my lady, and the day ended on a good note. Now, I'm up and out the wood to buck and haul today (joy of joys). Never thought I'd be less than happy to say I "got wood". ;)

Just a note, real quick-like: a big thank you to duchess_webb, annathema667, purpleflake, _debi_, unhappymeal, discordian, and nostradomnatrix, and anyone else who helped me get through what was a very trying time yesterday. That helped a lot, and I really appreciate it.

Also, a big rockin' thank you goes to venomous_one, for the belated birthday "rock" pic, that kicks ass!