December 20th, 2004

EC Has All The Answers!

Movie Help

OK, everyone knows I'm a movie freak. Generally, I'm the one people come to going "what was that one know the one, with that guy who was in that other film last year with the chick that had that little problem..." and so on. But I've been trying to remember one lately, and it's completely kicking my ass. So, I turn to you, Fellow Freaks.

Sadly, I don't remember much about it. I do recall that it has to do with a couple of young adults whose friend is afraid of the bogeyman (or some such entity). When he disappears, it is finally revealed that all of them were "marked" as children by these creatures, and now that they are grown, the creatures are coming back to get them. The most memorable thing in my head was the 'alternate ending', where the remaining victim, the girl, is locked in a hospital or asylum room, and freaks out, and gets pulled into the closet, where she ends up behind a clear barrier, where she can see out, but no one can see in. A cop who has been following all this comes in, and even looks in the closet, and sees a hanger move, ever so slightly, meanwhile the girl is only inches away behind the barrier, beating on it with her fists, and behind her, in the failing light, we can see the creatures slowly approaching her in the growing darkness.

Anyone? Anything?
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Today was declared a 'food day'. I didn't realize that, but it was.

Lunch: Mediterranean - lamb, taboulli, Greek salad, hummus,and pita bread...fabulous. Got this as leftovers from whiny_general yesterday...incredible stuff.

Dinner: seafood - Caesar salad and cheese/crab fondue to start, then fried shrimp, crab alfredo, and crab-stuffed sole in a garlic-butter shrimp sauce...holy goddess, that was good.

I'm paying for it, sure...but it was worth it.
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