December 21st, 2004


Nuttin' Like Stuff

Today's mail kicked ass. First off, got a fuckin' LOAD of cookies and fudge from the culinary master, oldergoddess, who even thoughtfully did some white chocolate fudge for Dianna. See? I know the coolest people.

Also got the replacement CD of my long-lost beloved Fierce Ruling Diva album "Revolt Of The Perverse". Man, I almost forgot how much I missed this...on a side note, through some odd circumstances that I won't bother relating, I now have two copies of it. I opted to go ahead and take them both, and find a home for one of them...hey, always promoting. So, if you're into techno/dance/house music, and want it, link me the funniest picture you can find in the comments. The one that makes me laugh the longest gets it.

I haven't said anything, but I want to thank all those that have sent me all kick ass.
oldergoddess - prncessothedawn - unrepentant and sempereadem - cyanidesgirl - thisismostlyme and reddeath77 - jobunches - scurvykat - and anyone else I've's probably just not here yet!
Speaking of cards, I got my first "vendor Xmas card" this year! See, when you are on some company's list of vendors and what-not, they tend to send you out a nice preprinted card at Xmas. Means nothing and is pretty much a waste, but if they didn't, they'd look bad. Anyway, i got my first one this year, and it made me laugh. I guess I still don't think of myself as a 'professional', even if I do get paid for my work (probably because I do so little of it).
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Worship Chaos


Just sitting here, kicked back in my chair, munching home-made cookies, Dianna's playing "Alice", Erik's watching and attempting to help, and I've got a rat running around my chest and shoulders.

Add a rum and coke, and life wouldn't be much better.