December 23rd, 2004

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Gunkanjima ("Battleship Island") is a deserted island off the coast of Japan. From 1810 to 1974, it was a major coal mining operation. Little more than a reef, it eventually grew to house a population of more than 5,000; when the mines were closed in 1974, the population just up and left, leaving behind any possessions too heavy or bulky to move by small boat. For most of the past 30 years, visits to the island were forbidden.

In 1984 a photographer visited the island. Hauntingly beautiful.

Happy Birthday

Today, I send the warmest of birthday greetings out to a very special lady. A lady of emotions and feelings, of light and shadow, of laughter and of pain...a lady that I am very, very glad to know was brought into this world.

May the day bring you smiles, and may the next year bring you peace, nythien.

Old Times, Good Times

Hanging about last night, Di was on messenger talking to stig_mata (who, yes, has been absent from LJ for quite some time). Later, they ended up on the phone, and talk rambled from subject to subject. Eventually, it came up that he'd grown up in Memphis, and part of the time I was there, he was still there. She handed the phone over to me, and he and I spent another good half hour or so, just throwing names and places back and forth, trying to figure out if we'd ever met. At this point, it looks like, for several years, our social circles rubbed up against each other, and we were a hair's breadth away from hanging out, but never did (although I'm really starting to think we did meet, at least once, in passing, but who knows).

Now, this strikes me as funny, because early on when I was in Memphis, I met my buddy Aaron. On that day, we talked a long time and discovered that we'd both lived in Franklin, TN, for several years, but never actually met...even though I was good friends with his cousin! So, this makes the second time I have this sort of situation. I figure, any day now, I'm going to meet someone here who was in Seattle while I was there, and we'll know the same people but never actually have met.

This prompted me to go look up a few journals, today. Old friends from Memphis, who I know are on LJ. That just made me sad, though, because it reminded me that we never talk anymore, even though I've tried. Come to find out, there seems to have been something said about me (something I supposedly did), that caused a couple of those old friends to not speak to me anymore, and others to split their loyalties. Sadly, this means I have no way of getting through to them to try and clear things up, or make amends, or whatnot. It's been many years and many miles since then, and you'd think I might just not care...but you know me, I find that hard to do. I hate losing a friend, especially when I either can't understand why it happened, or can't fix the incorrect aspect.

Kinda rough to look them up and see that they are still active and speaking, but anything I say is apparently ignored, out of hand. I remember the days when me, sephtur, and hasturcubed all hung out, gaming, laughing, drinking, what-have-you.

*sigh* You can't go home again.
Burn The World

Emperor Norton's Name May Yet Span The San Francisco Bay Bridge

I'm sure a lot of you don't know who Emperor Norton was. That's sad. Learn sometime.

A move to rename the bay bridge after Norton was brought to the Board of Supervisors, where it was approved, Dec. 14th, 8-2. The resolution, if approved by Mayor Gavin Newsom, next will travel to the Oakland City Council and on to the California Legislature. Rock on, Cali.

There's a little background in the story, enough for you to get the basics on Emperor Norton. And you should, because it's the most interesting story America has to tell. Period.