January 5th, 2005

Smackdown (Anger)

Sssssssshift - Computer Rant

Feeling particularly sorry for myself today. No real reason, nothing happened or anything like that, before you ask. Just feeling that way. Ah well, it'll pass...it usually does. Just have to find someone else's problems to deal with. ;)


In other news, I want to pass something on that karzon just linked, and it hit me close to home.

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How Hard Can It Be?

Well, sadly, my furry yeti feet slippers have seen their last chunk of time. The soles are worn through, big ol' holes in the bottoms. This really sucks, because I love these things (hell, I've had them for around 10 years!), but I suppose it's time for something new.

The problem here is that finding cool slippers seems to be harder than I thought. See, these are big furry feet, not just weenie little house-shoes or something. They're easily the size of high-top basketball shoes, cover the foot (around the back of the ankle, too), covered in shaggy brown fur. Warm as you could want, comfy, and weird looking. The closest I've found are some I saw at Spencer's the other day, and they were size 5-7, which isn't anywhere NEAR close enough to fit my size 12 feet. Used to be they had lots of cool slippers during the winter season...well, dammit, it's only 34 degrees here, break 'em out!

Googling gets me all kinds of thing...none of which is what I'm looking for; either they are children's slippers or they are some foofy something or other...and don't ever bother putting "novelty" and "adult" in the same Google search, or you'll get loads of links you don't want to open at work, if you follow me.

I've seen some that were the same as the plush Cthulhu I have, but the heads are facing me, not the outside world...meaning they look dumb to anyone else seeing them. Cool, but no. I've also seen some with the same heads on them as the Bunny With Sharp Pointy Teeth (Monty Python), and facing outwards, but they were $40...a wee bit more than I want to spend on slippers.

So, if you happen to see any really cool or bizarre, let me know and/or link me. A few guidelines:
- they have to cover the foot (no mules, essentially)
- nothing you have to put your foot into the mouth of a character
- any heads must face outwards
- preferably something 'foot-like'
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Heart In This Shell

Tough Guys With Heart

Time for a peek into Frank's brain...mind the steps, watch your heads, and for fuck's sakes, don't feed anything that asks for food...

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All I'll Say For Now

Yes, I've heard the rumour, too. I've also seen the paranoia blossom to insane proportions, all over LJ.

Calm the fuck down.

Look, until the official announcement tomorrow, you're not going to know anything, so don't fall for conjecture and guesses. Here's a really simple thing to keep in mind: anyone buying LJ isn't buying the code, that's open-source; they're buying the users. Now, if they did this and then deleted accounts, they'd lose those free users, who would be pissed and go to other blog sites. Now, let's crunch some numbers:

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Word's Out

OK, happy now? it's after midnight on the East Coast, and thus, bradfitz was able to make things public.

Read It All Here

Short skinny version: yes, LJ was bought by Six Apart, and no, nothing is changing for the worse. We're not going "paid-only", your permanent account will continue to be honoured, and things will progress nicely. Brad will make some money for this, and stay on to keep the place real, things should get a little smoother and prettier, and the TOS will be a little reworded (and you'll have to agree to it again; legalities and all).

This isn't the first time LJ has had an offer placed on it, far from it. But it IS the first time that Brad felt that the company doing the buying had the right attitude towards LJ and "got it". See, he's looking out for you.

Now, relax, have a drink, and get back to your regularly scheduled life.