January 8th, 2005



Sadly, some location hooplah fell through for the movie shoot tonight, so shooting those scenes will have to be rescheduled. As such, no shoot tonight. We had a chance to get in on some alternate scenes tonight, but as the requirement was "limber enough to crawl menacingly down an air duct", we had to bow out and decline (six-foot-three and 290 pounds down not 'crawl down an air duct'...at least not with 'getting fat ass stuck' or 'falling clumsily onto head').

Well, that kills what plans we had today. Looks like a quiet day of vid watching (got the rest of Twin Peaks finally, so nice to see them again), and Dianna wants to head downtown and get some pictures. That's cool, nice to have a calm day for a change, anyway.

Feel free to drop me a text message and tell me how great I am. Or bad. Or strange. Or ugly. Or quixotic. Or smarmy. Or something.
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Hey, divinemissb: If you're bored or what have ya, we're gonna be down in Portland today, for a while, just sorta wandering and taking pix...you're welcome to join us and hang for a bit, if you like. My cell number is 360-281-9976.

Also, all those Twin Peaks episodes are on my computer, so if you want them, I can burn you copies sometime. ;)

(For that matter, pretty much anyone is welcome to join us and hang out for a bit, you know.)


etherpunk: sorry about last night, I got occupied and never got online. But, as my plans for this evening are now non-existent, I should be around, I'll try and catch you then.
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Of course we pick a cold, windy day to go out and about. Still, Di got some cool pix, and it was nice to just get out and wander around for a while with my honey. Stopped in at 2nd Ave. Records, which just made me realize all over again that I need a new turntable. As we headed out, we saw notices that a Toys'R'Us was going out of business, so we backtracked until we found it, to see if we could get anything cool (I was looking for Hot Wheels cars, admittedly), but they were picked damn near clean. I did, however, get hold of a really cool looking TechDeck Dude (Exile, one of a retired series...a fuckin' Minotaur!), and we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Now, time to kick back and watch the rest of Festival Express.

And, as an aside:
- teri_lee: awww, so are you!
- sayaka: well, as long as it's a good thing. ;)
- wesa: yeah, I know, but hey, that's me.
- mscarr: *waves*
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I've had the source pic (from Mari-chan) for a while now, but only now got around to making the icon that was in my head. Feel free to snag it, if it strikes your fancy, this one was made for general usage by anyone...no, I don't require credit for it. Just enjoy it, and if someone asks you about it, send 'em my way, wouldja?

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