January 17th, 2005

Burn The World


LJ can be such a useful message board, sometimes...

strangewink, divinemissb, let's get this game started. Thursday, 7:00pm. If there are no objections, it's at my place in Vancouver, but I'm open to suggestion if that's a problem. delilahbowie, if you could let John know, since I have no direct way of getting hold of him.

As always, e-mail me if you need directions/digits. Looking forward to it!


Man, I was out of it yesterday, total zone-trip. Dunno why, didn't think being a zombie would take so much out of me. ;) I needed this weekend, though, I needed to be around a bunch of geeks. I haven't been in a room with so many people who recognized and have read "Illuminatus!" in forever, much less around that many gamers and freaks. I needed something I could be aggressive about, something that allowed me to growl and snarl. Especially since I'm having to wait on a contract payment...AGAIN. Still, shouldn't be but a couple days more.

I promised a few of you some burns (savrille, kellibunny, and wesa), and I promise I haven't forgotten. Got it all made this morning, just have to do covers and get them in the mail.

Time to think about lunch and an afternoon movie. Pasta salad sounds good for the former, and for the latter...
Cry Blood (Hurt)


Just found out that Amrish Puri died 5 days ago. You think you don't know who that is...but you do.

"You don't believe me, Dr. Jones? You will, Dr. Jones. You will become a true believer."