January 23rd, 2005

Cry Blood (Hurt)

R.I.P. Johnny Carson

Sucked to hear about Johnny Carson's death today (no, I'm not linking, because it's already uber-linked). On the other hand, he was such a private person, I guess there's a certain amount of "unsurprise", somehow. Ungroovy, but I respect his wishes. Hell, I respect it more than a lot of these "ex-celebrities", who just can't seem to retire gracefully. Johnny got out while he was still on top of his game and looking good, and when he retired, he retired. No guest appearances on late-night TV, no celebrity golf tournaments, no roasting other celebs, not awards presenting, no PSAs...he went home and retired. He was a pretty damn private person, anyway, and that's how he wanted apparently. I heard a bit of a tribute to him that implied he wasn't very comfortable with himself, but you gotta give him loads of props for never letting that out in front of the audience. Always witty, always fun, even a little self-deprecating when he knew something had bombed. He had more than a sense of comedy, he had a sense of entertainment.

We've been missing you for a long time, J.C. Now it's just permanent.
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