January 26th, 2005


Well, I, Uh, What....Journalism, What's That?

One of the hallmarks of a good journalist is knowing how to roll with the punches. Especially in a live broadcast, you never know when a guest is going to say or do something different from what you expected, and you should know how to handle that. It seems that Brigitte Quinn of Fox News has a bit of trouble with that. She was interviewing Judy Bachrach from Vanity Fair, and obviously thought it was going to be a fluffy cakewalk through an "isn't the inauguration party lovely" piece...but when Ms. Bachrach began to question Bush's spending, timing, and reasons, Ms. Quinn got more than a little flustered. Watching her try to save face and make a come-back is great, because she just can't seem to come up with anything that helps. She tries, more than once, to get back to something that would be a fashion piece, but Ms. bachrach doesn't take the bait. Ms. Bachrach suggests that the money might have been better spent on arms and armouring for our troops (referring to a recent story of soldiers using scrap metal bits to shore up Humvees), and Ms. Quinn's response is to imply that Bush *IS* honouring and supporting our troops, by offering a prayer at a breakfast. After a couple minutes, she finally just talks over Ms. Bachrach, telling her they've given her enough time.

Yes, it's fuckin' hilarious. See for yourself.

Note; no political discussions, please. I don't care. I just think seeing the reporter fall apart is funny, that's all.
Burn The World


Had fucked-up dreams last night. At one point in it, I was in a car with a chick I haven't seen in years, which was odd, since I distinctly remember seeing her in another car we passed...anyway, she was driving like a maniac, and it was really scaring me. We ended up at my grandmother's house, where we find she has just buried my grandfather. As in JUST buried him; she remarked that just an hour before he had been warm in the bed. Buried in the backyard, too...creepy. She broke down completely, bawling and sobbing, so I had to deal with her. Later on I was in a kitchen with pornrockangel and there were roaches everywhere. And I don't mean your little cockroach, or even your South Florida palmetto bug, I mean roaches the size or fucking RATS. now, if you know me, you know I hate roaches, so this was really ungroovy. I was trying to wash them down the kitchen sink drain, and beating on the ones that got loose with a wooden kitchen spoon. She asked me what needed to be done in the kitchen, and I was remarking on how the sink needed replacing, and the walls needed fixing, and the place just looked like it had been abandoned for 50 years. Disgusting.

So, of course, I woke up in a bad mood, and with a raging headache. Nothing seemed to help. I chatted with nythien for a little while, but I couldn't take it any longer, I went back to bed. I was awakened 90 minutes later by Di's doctor, who was looking for her work number. The headache was a little bit better, so I didn't bother even trying to go back to bed.

Glad I was awake, though, as I got a big box in the mail today...gifts from nythien! I'm not opening it until Di gets home, though, and she's working late. Whee.

Side note: kellibunny and savrille, your CD's (from posting the funny pix a while back) are in the mail. wesa, I'll just give you yours when I see ya next, groovy?
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Couple tricky riddles, eh? The correct answer to number one was "Corn", though I'll give points to the answers of "chicken" and "fish". The second, a simple play on words; the answer was "and".

Two of the fastest horsemen in the kingdom proposed to the king's daughter. The king didn't like either suitor, but he wanted to look fair so he suggested a horse race in which the winner would have the daughter's hand. The only catch was that the winner would be the person whose horse came in second. The king was certain the race would never take place because he felt that neither horseman would let the other win. Finally, the king's daughter made a suggestion to the two horsemen that would guarantee a fair race. What did she suggest?
Try that one on for size.