January 28th, 2005


Good Start

Well, gaming didn't happen last night. Poor strangewink was having serous intestinal difficulties, and divinemisb's work called her in against her wishes, so we introduced John to RoboRally, instead, which went over great. Had a blast...and we are geared up to start NEXT Thursday.

I managed to find a MAME rom I've been looking for since I got into it, and that makes me happy.

Di has today off, which is nice for a change. Time to go grab some food, and we're gonna catch the matinee of Lemony Snicket. Also planning on dropping by karzon and royhuggins's place for their soiree, around 9-ish. Nothing like good friends, booze, and a hot tub, I always say. Well, not always, but occasionally, at least.

Tell me something happy going on in your life.

Days Like Wind

Well, let's see here.

Had a bit of a muddle when we first left the house. Stopped at the local store for allergy meds for Di, got up to the counter, and discovered she'd left her wallet at home. Luckily, we had JUST enough to cover it all, so back to the house we went. On to get some food and kick back, and then off to the movie.

I gotta say, it was even better than I expected. Even Jim Carrey was good, and that's something you will almost NEVER hear me say. The kids were great, the visuals were perfect, and the script was good. Collapse )

Also, I bought my bike today. Triax VBX3000, 21 speed, aluminum frame, not bad at all. Should do me just fine for what I need it for. In fact, got a good enough deal on it that I was able to get Di a bike, too, so she can ride with me and get some exercise, as well.

Gotta go get some dinner, methinks.