February 1st, 2005


Long Day

So, yeah, went to shoot more movie last night. I knew we were doing a big "zombie attack on a catwalk" scene, and decided that, with my hand injuries, I better not. So, instead, I told the crew that I was at their disposal for the night, and ended up on Security, since we had so many people. By the end of the night, I let the director know I wanted screen credit as "Zombie Wrangler"! ;)

On the plus side, between all the work and schlepping, etc., it made me work out my hand, and while I still don't have the strength back in it, by a long shot, it's got a lot of good movement and stretching, so it's not hurting as much. Plus, I worked for/with a lot of cool people, and that's always fun. Good to be useful, and great to see people appreciate it.

On the downside, the shoot was supposed to last from 6pm to around midnight...and instead ran until four in the flippin' morning! Colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra, foggy, wet...Yikes, huh? Man, talk about a long night. I'm not really complaining, though; we got some incredible shots, and had a lot of fun, but we were all really beat tired by the end. Mostly I was just worried about zombiedip worrying about me. Luckily, she had gone to bed.

So, yeah, I just got up about 45 minutes ago, awaking to the phone ringing, which was caliban calling me out of the blue, which is always a fun time. Trying to get up and get moving, stretch out some of the sore body...need food...
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Freakin' Vicoden is making my drowsy. Which sucks, because that makes it hard to pay attention to anything I'm watching or anyone I'm talking to. Also kinda sucks, since there are things to get done. I wouldn't even take the stuff, if I didn't hurt so much. Which is, of course, my own damn fault.