February 6th, 2005

Glow Skull


Party was a lot of fun. We didn't stay too long, but long enough to hang out and see people and just generally enjoy being out. My two exhibits went over really well, and the cards I made for them stood out, to say the least. In fact, it's got me thinking of a cool bit of home art. There are lots of things in my house that could be 'curiosities', so I'm gonna start making display cards for them,and maybe move them to the same area. Perhaps one day, I'll get a decent glass cabinet, and put them all in it.

Also, got my copy of The Cosmic Horror Fun-Pak, the collection of their best short films from Guerrilla Productions. I get a copy because "Revival", the film short I made with Edward a while back, is in it...so, all of you that have wanted to see it, consider buying a copy. Hey, it's just $10, and supports some really fun independent film-makers.

Well, enough from me for now. I've already spent half a car ride discussing what I've done with each of my last several girlfriends that I haven't done with anyone else...don't ask (and if you are one of them, don't fret, it was all complementary!). Can you believe that there are 5 of my ex-g/f's on LJ? Hell, there could be more, I just don't know about it...better watch what I say, huh? ;)
Cry Blood (Hurt)


Just found out that Curve is breaking up. As they are one of my top two favourite bands, this is not happy news to me.

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