February 11th, 2005

Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Most everyone figured out that if you select one fruit from the box labelled as both, then it MUST be only that one, and you could then switch the other two labels. Special mention goes to mscarr, who suggests we simply refer to everything as 'chernanas', and to tsomewhereime, who suggested putting them all in an elevator with a hand grenade and just making jelly...and to egonix who isn't worried at all, because, as we all know, there is no banana.

It's Friday, which means multiple questions for the weekend, so get yer thinkin' caps on nice and tight:
1. Sam Slug got out of jail and pushed his car to the St. James Place hotel. When he arrived, he realized he was bankrupt. How could this financial disaster be explained?

2. Jed Recluse lived alone and preferred it that way. Jed never had any visitors and he never visited anyone. Since Jed never left his house, it was necessary to have his supplies delivered every two weeks. One dark and stormy night, Jed lost control of his senses, turned off all the lights, and went to sleep. The next morning, it was discovered that Jed's actions resulted in the death of several people. Why?

3. Every Tuesday evening, Hardy Pyle drives up to the cottage to visit his mother. On these weekly visits, he drops off the clean clothes and picks up the dirty laundry. Since old Mrs. Pyle changes her underwear each morning, what is the minimum number of underwear she can own?
Chew on those 'til Monday. The questions, not the underwear.
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Friday Pictures

Yeah, it's that time again. I'd have more, but I've been swamped this week, between my busted hand and my insistence on finding a way to work around it and play Vampire: Bloodlines anyway. ;)

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There Is No Banana

Humans...Gotta Love 'Em (With Cream Sauce)

OK, so you are married, and you basically can't stand each other, so you're on a break. You are online, and you start up a sizzling relationship with some online person, cybering, etc., to the point of planning to leave your partner and get married. You finally plan to meet up one day, in person, and you'll finalize these plans, and when you get there...you discover the person all this has been happening with is your wife, who of course was doing the exact same thing. Way to go, chumps.

Hey, I love tattoos, sure. But it's bad enough when you get some long involved phrase tattooed on you, but it's worse when you end up using bad grammar and spelling, not to mention that's just not a good tattoo (around the back of the waist, since it's hard to tell in that pic). but, then, she seems to do this quite a bit. Scariest part? She's proud of these...well, no accounting for taste, eh? There's naught as queer as folk.

*Thanks to geisha_doll and wesa for the links*

All Hail

I don't know who first came up with the idea for pizza rolls, but they should have a holiday named after them or something. This faceless culinary genius of a god long ago took a slot in my personal pantheon of deities.

And what better to go with pizza rolls than really bizarre movies?

There Is No Banana

More Moronity

As long as we're on the subject of those without a clue, you gotta see this baby name: Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K. Yep, that first name is pronounced "your highness". Folks, I can't make these up. Can you imagine what school life is going to be like? He's gonna want go by the cool name of "Icy 8", and when teachers refuse, he can always just remind them that his first name is "Your Highness". Sheesh.

Speaking of the Tattoo Grammar Queen, I hate to direct your wandering eyes to a train wreck, but it just keeps getting funnier. Apparently, she discovered that the pictures have been linked around and made fun of, and she's pissed off. The result is a long, huge-font post, whining about how she meant for the quote to say "your" (yeah, defending bad grammar makes you look REALLY intelligent), while making veiled, foolish sounding threats towards whoever started this (because, you know, you should be scared of a teen virgin's non-threats on the Internet). The best part? She's made her journal "friends only", stating that you need to comment to be added...and left the post with no comment links. Case closed, ladies and gentlemen. The State of Sanity rests. (EDIT: It finally dawned on her, an hour later, that in order to "comment to be added", she had to have a comment link. Evolution blunders on!)

As an aside...yes, this is a slightly mean post. I'm aware of this. I've stepped outside my normal shell of kind-heartedness and understanding. You might ask why I would do this, being the generally care-taking person that I am. It's very simple: this isn't someone that is having a hard time and needs a kind word and a mellow mind. This is someone who has not only shown a foolish nature, but a WILLINGNESS to continue, a lack of learning, and a dearth of wisdom, unable to see the situation, relying on a snap defense to try and save face, and failing miserably. This person has become an Object Lesson, and it's a lesson that I hope is not lost on her. Learn something from it; at the very least, learn to accept when you've fucked up and make things better, instead of blindly defending your actions.
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