February 17th, 2005

Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

See? I have such smart friends. Congrats on knowing basic light and shadow, and figuring out that if he'd been looking towards the sun, a shadow would go BEHIND him, and thus no one coming up behind him would have thrown a shadow over him. Another little sneaky one, true, my apologies. Here's a straight one, for a change:
Consider the four following words:
Which does not belong in this group, and why?
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Atomic Brain

A Legend In His Own Lunchtime

You know, I may seem like a relatively cool person, laid-back, a little geeky, but generally OK. But, when a song like this comes on, and I happen to be in the bathroom, electric toothbrush in hand...

...the hand is suddenly not holding a toothbrush, but a microphone...I hear the crowd in front of me, calling out, rocking out...the damp hair swinging around my head is not fresh from the shower but laden with a hard night's sweat...
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...and then, I think back to the last few months of 1999, and I remember my band on stage at the Tiger's Den...I remember New Year's Eve, '99, going into 2000, and a certain petite, dark-haired beauty who sent word through a friend that seeing me singing was "pure sex"...I remember breaking from practice and stepping outside for a smoke, and steaming in the frigid country night air...I remember Wain banging his head, knowing that he liked what he heard, and feeling like that meant a lot, as he was a fellow musician and a producer/recording engineer, to boot...Phil telling me that he was impressed, and kept wondering when I was gonna run out of air as I belted out a long, growling, wailing final note...and the music all comes back to me...
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...and for a brief shining moment, I'm a rockstar again.
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Artist At Work

Icon Requests

OK, my hand is finally mostly back up to spec (except for some lingering annoyance, but what the Hell), and final shooting for the movie is this weekend. I'm all but done with Vampire: Bloodlines, so my main distractions will be done by the end of the weekend. This means that this coming week will be my chance to catch up on all the icon requests I have piled up...I've got them written down, just need to do them.

So, for those that are waiting, hang in there, I'm about to get Darkgod Studios' non-corporate division back up and running. Oh, and deathcythe_25? Did you still want one for that lady friend of yours, and if so, what? (sorry, the mail got deleted at some point, apparently)
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Tiger (*MROWR*)


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See? Destiny. Get on a plane.
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