February 23rd, 2005


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dicordian and I were talking about things this morning, including music, when he mentioned some show in VH-1, "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs" or something, and how it was a bunch of 90's reject actors talking about how bad the 80's anthems were...reasons that made no sense, and/or were just stupid. Personally, I'm glad I didn't see it...

discordian: Man... I was so worked up during this show.
archmage: No doubt...it abused the anthems of our time for no actual good reason.
discordian: Well... not my time, but I'm not letting facts cloud the issue.
archmage: Maybe you weren't there at the time, but they are still "of your time", for what they mean to you
discordian: It's downright embarrassing, but biologically, I'm the child of the 90s.
archmage: Eh, only physically
archmage: Mentally, you're an 80's rocker right beside me
discordian: Ya damn skippy!
discordian: Graduated with honors from Frank's School of Cock Rock.
archmage: Graduated 'magna cum LOUD'
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Um, Yeah

Well, that was an odd way to start the day. IM'ed by an 18-year-old guy in the UK, asking if I know anyone that would perform a voodoo love spell for him. Sadly, I don't know any houngans in the UK.

This is my life, and this is me living it.
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60 degree weather, windows open, nice breeze, a quick bike ride to the store and back for some pasta salad and bad horror flicks...

...all three of them, methinks.

Reason #4482 Why I Love My Wife

So, since Dianna is working late tonight, she decided to come home for a late lunch and a shower. This turned out to be serendipitous, since a package came for her via UPS. So, I sign for it, and hand it over. She looks at it, and before I can turn away, she hands it back, grinning. "It's for you," she says with a smile.


OK, so I open it. Inside? An order from Crystal Caste Dice. She had seen me admiring the SarcophaDice (a set of 10 d10 deep translucent green dice with red numbers, with an ankh in place of the ones, all in a resin coffin). She'd also heard me laugh about the Skull+Bones (a linen dice bag printed to look like a skull, loaded with a pound of random dice, including at least one from a set of Dwarven Stones, their line of dice made from minerals and semi-precious stones). So, now I have them (my Dwarven Stone is a 12mm snowflake obsidian d20).

See? This is the kind of thing that makes me never want to let her go. She's just too damn good to me.

Seattle People...Your Time Has Come

OK, my friends...don't disappoint me. This weekend, you have plans. If you thought you had them before, cancel them.

STOVOKOR is taking over Seattle this very weekend.

Experience Music Project - Liquid Lounge - Sat Feb. 26th - 9pm

Best part is...It's free! That's right, fucking FREE!

Go see strangewink and the boys tear it up...
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