February 26th, 2005


Mage Movies, II

We decided to take last night and today and just gorge ourselves on movies...and the upshot is, you get to hear about it.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - I love when a film makes me want to see it bad enough that I'm constantly checking to see if it's available. This, though, makes it that much more disappointing when the film doesn't live up to that desire. Sky Captain was very good looking, and I loved the background and the setting. It made me want to go play "Crimson Skies" again...I groove on the 30's, and the slightly advanced tech appealed to me. The idea behind the film story was good, too. The plot, though....well, what passed for a plot...was fuckin' hideous. Holes big enough to drive a Mack truck through, continuity errors everywhere. One of those films to watch with the sound off.

Rachel's Attic - I don't have to tell you to skip this film, because I can't really see any good reason why you would even consider picking it up. This begs the question, why did WE pick it up, and I almost didn't bother including this film here, just so I wouldn't have to admit to it. Di picked it up, saw something about how this chick enters a twisted world of S&M to look for her (probably) dead sister, and decided it might be funny. I groaned, but saw that Gunnar Hansen was in it, so decided to give it a shot. Well, we were both disappointed. The fetish involved in this was weak at best, even by the standards of someone who doesn't know what it is, and Gunnar's in about a minute and a half of the flick. Just avoid it, as you would anyway, it was utter and pointless shit.

Later today, what have we got...This So-Called Disaster (which has potential), The Grudge (I've seen Ju-On, so I've been wanting to see what Hollywood did to it), Cube Zero (I'm a nut for the 'Cube' flicks, so I've been waiting for this), and "The Best of TromaDance Film Festival 3", which should be fun. Info later.
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Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Weird one, eh? A few of you, though, figured out that the two men were Siamese twins, and imprisoning one would mean imprisoning the other. Freakshow, man...OK, I'm late again. Tell ya what, I'm just gonna start fresh on Monday, so take the weekend off from thinking. Be good!

Look Again, Bongo

I hardly ever get random IM's. This is probably due to being a guy, and most random IMers are guys looking for ladies. That's probably why this is so amusing to me...

random guy: hi! cool pic...you're a sexy girl
chaosblackflame: Excuse me?
random guy: your profile...nice picture....
chaosblackflame: Yes, she is...that's why I married her.
chaosblackflame: So, what can I do for you?
random guy: oh, uh, just a remark...have a nice evening...bye

Now, you tell me, would you read my Yahoo profile and think that I might be female? As an added bonus, I hate people who pop up randomly, and whose profile has nothing in it. Blank profile, last updated today. If I don't know you, first thing I'm gonna do is check your profile to see if you are familiar. Yeah, buh-bye.
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