February 27th, 2005


Mage Movies, III

OK, quickies, let's see here...

This So-Called Disaster - a documentary of the weeks just prior to Sam Shepard's stage production of his play "The Late Henry Moss." Interesting if you are into theatre, or is you just want to see how scruffy Nick Nolte is looking these days.

The Best of TromaDance Film Festival 3 - A couple of them bored me to sleep, but most of the short films here were a lot of fun to watch.

The Grudge - by 20 minutes into the film, I damn near gave up and turned it off...it just dragged so badly. Eventually it picked up and was pretty good, mostly because it was very faithful to the original Japanese film (keeping it set in Japan helped this a lot, kept out a lot of useless Americanising). Christ, who ever told Sarah Michelle Gellar she could act? What a useless waste of flesh and air.

Cube Zero - OK, I loved it, but, as stated, I'm a fan of the series. Nice to finally get a little more back story, though the writer should have compared the characters to the first one before finalising the script; he might have noticed the similarities. Still, interesting and thought-provoking. Here's hoping for a fourth.
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One Last Thing

I'm not sure why I'm bothering saying anything, but what the Hell. I bought myself a webcam today, so, if for some bizarre reason you ever feel like watching me do absolutely nothing, the link is on my website.

Speaking of my website, I'm realizing some serious changes that I have to make...and, straight up, they piss me off. I'm not going into detail here, it just has to do with how I have the site set up, visually, and how Firefox handles javascript-new-window-opening, etc. Oh well, I'll figure something out.
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Cry Blood (Hurt)

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I feel like someone is slowly shoving a knitting needle under my right shoulder blade...and it really sucks.

Erik's birthday was Friday, so we had a little something today. His buddy Ryan came over, and later on we took them to McD's for lunch, and met up with another buddy (Freddie) for some mini-golf. Weird happening: Di discovered that she apparently went to high school with Freddie's mom. Came back here with Ryan to get into new toys, etc. Good times.

I feel terrible.
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Burn The World

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

OK, first things first: if you live in Kentucky, well, button up your assholes...if you don't, be aware of the kind of shit happening, and hope your state is slightly more enlightened. Seems a young man there is a budding writer, and happened to write a story involving zombies taking over a high school. his grandparents found it, and now he's facing a second-degree felony terrorist threatening charge. Yes, you saw that correctly, the redneck idiots have arrested him for terrorist threats. According to one shining example of Kentucky's Finest, "Anytime you make any threat or possess matter involving a school or function it's a felony in the state of Kentucky." The guy has been trying to tell them that this is a short story, it mentions no specific names or places nor is a threat to anyone, but they aren't listening...in fact, they upped his bond by 5 times. Are you fucking kidding me? So, if I was in Kentucky and happened to own, say, Assault on Precinct Thirteen, is that a felony terrorist threat? More and more, I find reasons to not want to be in this fucked-up country.
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Gaming Is A Way Of Life

Kult - Follow Along

Well, I'm running Kult again, and it feels so good...and I've heard from a couple people that it's just not fair that I'm doing so and they don't get to play. OK, first off, thank you, that's quite a compliment. Secondly, I'm keeping a running story of the game in my DeadJournal (since I have nothing better to do with it), so feel free to catch up with what's happening there. Just head over to it and read...and enjoy.

Kult, As Documented by UrbanHunter
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