February 28th, 2005

Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Let's get back on schedule, shall we?
Miss Goodbody, a travel agent, sold Sid Shady some tickets to fly to the Swiss Alps, where he and his wife could do some mountain climbing. About a week later, Miss Goodbody was watching the local news when a story came on explaining that the vacationing Mrs. Shady had plunged to her death while scaling a cliff. Mr. Shady, the only witness, tearfully explained that his wife had failed to secure her safety line, and when she slipped, she fell to her death. Miss Goodbody didn't know Mr. or Mrs. Shady, but after watching the story, she was certain Mrs. Shady was murdered. How could Miss Goodbody be so sure of foul play?
Murder mysteries are always fun.

EDIT: they are more fun when I remember to turn on the screening...oh well, consider this one a chance to confer with your fellows.