March 3rd, 2005

Smackdown (Anger)

Social Conduct

You've heard me rant more than once on issues that boil down to this concept. Maybe I'm idealistic and old-fashioned in this way, but I do still believe there is a "social contract" that one follows, a set of ethics and responsibility that you adhere to with the rest of the world, We all have to live here on this rock, together, and it works out a lot better when we get along, and just keep a few simple principles in mind. You know them, they are obvious, we learned them in kindergarten, for the most part: courtesy, sharing, taking turns, working together, no name calling, no hitting, etc.

And if this does not exist, then it damn well should. It hurts me to think that we actually have to have legislation to deal with these issues, because that means humans really are that stupid and useless. Is it any wonder I speak and act as if I am above them? Is it any wonder that I refer to "humans" with the implication that I am not one of them?

Let me give you today's example of the low-lifes of the world in action. According to this article in the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal (requires registration; use username:, password: noinfo4u), we have some woman walking into a pizza place, and just cutting right into the line (makes me want to shake her and scream "there is no banana!"). Some guy behind her is on the phone to his girlfriend, and he sarcastically remarks that he's gonna be a little later than he thought, due to this act. The woman hears it, and begins a loud, angry tirade about the guy. When the store manager comes to deal with the situation, she spits on him, then goes back to yelling at the guy, to the point of reaching out and slapping him. She then goes and gets her 6'4", 320# gorilla of a boy friend and yells at him to "take care of this white motherfucker". GorillaMan proceeds to pummel the guy, resulting in a black eye, a broken eye socket, a chipped tooth, and a concussion. they finally turn and leave, but not before GorillaMan takes the guy's cellphone. The final insult? No one in the store even batted an eyelash. They all just stood there and watched...hell, the guy at the front just hung out with his drink and pointedly ignored the whole thing.

Watch The Whole Incident Here

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"So, why are you in this Sanitarium?"
"A slight case of mood poisoning. Must be something I hate."

- James Belushi and David Warner, "Wild Palms"

British Scientists Slam US Plasma Weapon

So, it's like this. US military R&D funding went to research on something referred to as the "Pulsed Energy Projectile" (PEP) device which "fires a laser pulse that generates a burst of expanding plasma when it hits something solid". According to the New Scientist, the basic thing is that you get incapacitated with pain instead of killed.

So, non-lethal fighting. Seems like a pretty human thing to do, especially for the US military. But a group of pain researchers are not happy. they doubt there's a solid ethical basis for the research, and say the weapon could be used for torture.

OK, first off, you can make claims on both sides of the "ethics" argument, but non-lethal weapons would seem to be right in line with "humane" actions (of course, so would "not fighting", but hey, baby steps I guess). As for being used for torture? Hey, guess what, Sir Stupid, so can electricity, baseball bats, and water. Should THESE things be stopped, as well? Christ, you can torture someone with lots of things, but torture is kinda useless if the person is incapacitated...hard to get info out of someone that can't talk.

The whole things seems goofy to me...but that's worldwide politics for ya.
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As An Aside...

...sometimes you get an unexpected e-mail that just makes you smile. I've gotten a couple lately which were very cool.

But this last one took the cake...and I'm doing more than smiling.

Cryptic? You bet. But you don't need to know, and I don't think you want to. Use your imagination.
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Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Man, that last one must have scared you with it's simplicity...a lot less responses than normal. Most guessed a quarter of a pound, but only akaspeedo got it spot on: just less than a quarter pound, since you'll lose some to sawdust in the cutting. You're right, bojo427, there was a trick in there...;)

Ready for today's? Another murder mystery, and royhuggins will be happy to see that Sid Shady is nowhere to be seen:
The mailman, Sam Sham, found Jed Recluse dead on his basement floor. Sam said he grew suspicious when he noticed that Jed had not taken his mail from the day before, so he decided to search the house. he found Jed with a large blood stain on the back of his head. there was an old rag and some motor oil spilt on the floor next to the freezer. It looked like he had slipped and hit his head on the freezer's edge. When Shadow inquired about the blood stain on Sam's sleeve, Sam said he had examined the body quickly before calling the police. He thought he must have accidently brushed against Jed's wound. Jed's body temperature was low enough that death could have occurred at least 12 hours before. Even though Sam's alibi for the alleged time of death is airtight, Shadow was still convinced of Sam's guilt. How could Sam have done it, and why is Shadow so certain?
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