March 4th, 2005



Cripes, noon already? Where has the day gone?

Well, still gonna have plenty of "day" left. Di's working late tonight, so I'll be here on my own for a while. Anyone, feel free to drop by if you have nothing better to do...I'll be watching Red Dwarf and/or AbFab, I imagine.

Speaking of which, didja know there's a Red Dwarf RPG? I just discovered it last night. I dunno, that seems like one of those that didn't need to be made...interesting setting/source, but not a decent "real" RPG. Still, worth having just to have.

Actually, the RPG I discovered last night that I really want is XCrawl. Take the good ol' standard dungeon crawl, put it in modern times, add cameras, and make it a spectator sport for where you explore and fight fabulous cash and prizes, or die trying! The Xtreme Dungeon Crawl league awaits, I gotta get hold of this.
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Well done divinemissb, royhuggins, and skeletoncrew, for noticing that, if the body had been dead for 12 hours, then the blood would have coagulated, and thus not transferred to Sam's shirt (the body must have been cooled in the freezer to throw off the forensics team).

OK, Friday...that means three for the weekend!
1. What would happen if an irresistible force met an immovable object?

2. What do the following pairs of letters represent? RD ST ND

3. Ten coins are arranged as shown. How can you move just one coin so that, when added, either vertically or horizontally, two rows of six coins will be formed?

Have fun!
The Mask (Laughing)


OK, so, I was rocking out and forgot the webcam was on. Hey, you would to, if you were me...alcohol in me, and Whitesnake up loud. Welcome to my world.

See the stupid shit you miss getting to see me do? *snicker*