March 9th, 2005

Glow Skull

Late Night

Wide awake.

But in a good mood. Been a petty good day: convos I wanted, good art, too. Yeah, rockin'.

Didn't get to see much of Di today, though. Erik had a doc's appointment, so she was late getting home. She was pretty tired, so she went to bed a little early.

Oh well...still a good day.
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Heart In This Shell


OK, going on to bed. Not much happening...and to a certain someone? Remember what I said earlier: phone's always on and near me, I'll always answer it...and you couldn't be a burden if you tried.
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    Pop Will Eat Itself - Me No Fear The Reaper
The Mask (Laughing)


Sometimes, the comment in your head, no matter HOW hilarious, is best not shared with the person who unwittingly fed you the straight line.

Too bad, too, because it made ME laugh heartily.
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Wow...a complete stumper. Lots of answers, some close to being right, but none on the money.
Mr. Greenwich arrived at a quarter to two. The watch belonging to the person he asked was 5 minutes fast (so five minutes ahead of reality), but the owner thought that time was ten minutes behind and so quoted it as 10 minutes more than it said, meaning that the time he was quoted was a net 15 minutes ahead of the real time; hence, he showed up 15 minutes early at 1:45.

Mrs. Greenwich arrived at 25 after two. The watch belonging to the person she asked was ten minutes slow (ten minutes behind reality), but the owner thought it was 15 minutes fast, and thus quoted it as 15 minutes less than it said, meaning that the quoted time was 25 minutes behind reality; hence she showed 25 minutes late at 2:25.
Tricky, tricky. Well, see if this is more your style...
Sid Shady and Sam Slug were in a plane flying off the coast of South America at 300 meters altitude. Sid and Sam were in this situation as a result of a bet. Sam claimed that if he dropped a five-kilogram steel ball from the plane six seconds after Sid dropped a five kilogram sack of feathers, the steel ball would hit the ground first. Which of the two will actually hit the ground first?

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There's a time to live,
There's a time to die,
Well, it's time to meet your Maker...

There's a time to live,
But isn't it strange
That as soon as you're born, you're dyin'...

Finally got a copy of Visions Of The Beast, so that's been keeping me company all afternoon.

Up The Irons!