March 10th, 2005

Burn The World

Take Two - And Send Me Something!

Well, due to minor travel difficulties, no amusementdevice-and-sayaka yesterday. However, that should be remedied today, and should include some velvetacidgrrl, which will be cool, since that means I get to play with the new baby! Yes, for a little while, I'll be a big teddybear again. There's another thought going on in here, but I'll keep that one to myself.

Meanwhile, I'll be watching more AbFab, and burning a CD for syrinakintari. Should get that out tomorrow or Monday, hun.

Speaking of which, I need new music. I send CD's out to lots of people, but, dammit, I want some back. So, here's your chance, introduce me to some new music, or just impress me with your mad leet mix-disc skizznils. Come on, it's cheap and easy, just like your daddy's manhole. Drop me a note here, and I'll make sure you have my address. Please?
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    Misfits - Saturday Night

Cam Fun

OK, in response to requests, I've turned the cam towards the living room. Yes, this means you may catch me acting like a goof with a little one. Already have been, and surely will again. I loves me some babies.
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    Nick Cave - Until the End of the World

(no subject)

Dixie or Yankee?: 84% (Dixie). Did you have any Confederate ancestors?

American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God, y'all.

(Scary part? Changed two answers, because it was a close decision on which was more accurate and got: 100% (Dixie). Is General Lee your father?)