March 12th, 2005

Worship Chaos


First off, I don't have the SLIGHTEST clue why I'm up and awake at 6:30am. There's just something fundamentally wrong about that.

Secondly, Hotmail is being terribly bitchy. That doesn't improve my mood.
Burn The World

News? Yeah, Right

I haven't watched TV in years. Up at the farm, I see a little, because it's on, and I did make a point, about three years ago, of catching every episode of 'Murder In Small Town X', but that's about it. Lately, I've been even more glad I don't watch TV, especially for my news gathering. Frankly, I've never really trusted the news (and yes, that makes me sound like a paranoid conspiracy nut, which isn't too far from the truth), but it has become simply ridiculous.

Do me a favour. Read this article in the New York Times. The short version: government produced and scripted segments, meant to blend seamlessly into local news shows; blatant propaganda. It seems to be even more pervasive than you'd imagine.

Scary stuff. On the other hand, this is another major news media outlet. So who knows? I say fuck them all, support anarchy and true laissez-faire capitalism.

Heavy Metal Opera

Trust Norway to actually do this, and get it right.

The world's first heavy-metal opera premiered today. "Faust - Metal Opera" mixed music from Charles Francois Gounod's 1859 opera based on the legend of the philosopher who sells his soul to the devil with a heavy metal theme composed by a local band called Pica Fierce.

My fave line of the article? After getting a positive review from a 27 year old metal fan (no surprise there)... "It was dead cool," Torun Werswick, 65, agreed. "I just thought it was fabulous!" 65, and enjoyed a heavy metal opera. How many people of retirement age do you think you can find that would say the same thing?