March 13th, 2005

Red Bunny


Not groovy.

Right wrist hurts something ugly. Feels almost like I need to pop the joint, but can't. Tried putting some Tiger Balm on it, just in case, and wrapped it, but that hasn't helped. Neck/shoulder blade ain't too hip, either. Oh, and left knee. Medical research needs to get crackin' on the "amputate the limbs and wire the body into the cybernetic skeleton" front.

Mood is odd...Feels like I'm missing something, and not sure what. Feels like I'm going to try for something that I'm not going to get. Hmm. Yeah, that sucks.

Head almost hurts. Doesn't ACTUALLY hurt, just feels like it's going to hurt. Considering the rest of the pain, I think I'll just deal with the effects, take some Vicoden, and call it a day, early.