April 1st, 2005

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I'll be updating </a></b></a> shortly, but I gotta say, my personal highlight of the evening was divinemissb admitting she was probably going to have nightmares based on tonight's escapades.

I rock so damn hard.

EDIT: </a></b></a> updated.
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Notes of Oddity

Just some stuff you might get a kick out of reading.

Online Gamer Killed Over Cybertheft - Short version: Player A of the online game "Legend of Mir 3" lent a massive uber-sexy sword to Player B, who turned around and sold it. Player A freaked out about the loss and reported this to the police, who told him hat they could do nothing, since this was not a real object. Player B offered to give Player A the money he'd made in the sale, and Player A, deciding not to wait, tracked down Player B and repeatedly stabbed him in the chest. he turned himself in.

People, get a life.

Then we have this picture of Scott Heldreth and his son, Joshua, outside the hospital where the late Ms. Schiavo was. Apparently, the son is one of six children (between the ages of 10 to 14) arrested in the past week for crossing a police line at the Woodside Hospice to take water to her...I guess no one told them that, if they managed to get there, she'd just drown from it. Makes you wonder what kind of brainless parent (shown here, brandishing his Bible in front of patriotic glory...none of which has anything to do with what was going on, of course) would push their kid into doing this. Lemme enlighten you what kind of parent would do this: a convicted child molester, that's who. Maybe NOT the best guy to show as a stalwart supporter of morality.

Man, that's hilarious to me.
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Artist At Work

Icon Work

Another one that has been sitting on my to-do list for entirely too long, this one a roller derby devil for sandmansister:

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Burn The World

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The Pope: just another human trying to tell YOU what YOUR God supposedly wants. Ever stop to think why some being with such limitless cosmic power needs any human to tell other humans what to think/do/feel/believe? Why would any of them be any better than any other? They are no more holy than anyone else, and you are just as capable of talking to your god as any other.

You are your Pope, get it? Embrace your free will; you're already subjugating yourself to an alleged aethereal being, don't go wilfully subjugating yourself to another HUMAN with nothing to back it up but his word, as well.

Be your own backbone.

**Note: really, REALLY trying to NOT rant about religion, just had to get that out.**
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Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Wily Hope would have gotten past almost all of you guys...the rare and expensive coins in his loose change let him smuggle lots of revenue out of the country.

Weekend three!
1. "That Abdullah is one rich Arab," muttered Ali Buba. "As a matter of fact, he owns 100 or more camels." "Not a chance," replied Ishmael, "I know for certain he owns fewer than 100 camels." Farouk joined in, "Well let us put it this way, he owns at least one camel." If only one of their statements is true, how many camels does Abdullah own?

2. Mr. Dodgers and the children in the neighbourhood are raking leaves at Mr. Dodgers house. They have three piles of leaves in the back yard, and seven piles of leaves in the front yard. When Mr. Dodgers and the children put all the piles together, how many piles of leaves will they have?

3. John F. Kennedy was the youngest person ever elected to the presidency. How did it come about that he was the second-youngest man to hold this office?
Have a good weekend!