April 2nd, 2005


Time Out

Gonna be another long day.

Di's doing some overtime, so I'm going to keep her company for a while. Boring as Hell, yes, but at least I've remembered that they have a VCR up there...take a few flicks, I'll be good to go. Supposed to drop by and see ibdreamy and hankbrown this afternoon...she's just days from giving birth, it seems. Dropping by lovemotionstory's place tonight to see rifkinite out to his new place and welcome in her new roomie...besides, I hear rifkinite has some stuff for me...

Hope my new gloves come in the mail soon. I'm figuring on Monday or Tuesday, but I'm not sure.

OK, time to get dressed, pack up, and head out. Be good!
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(no subject)

Still hanging out at Dianna's office. Made it through two movies and eight CD covers (hey, phoenxbutterfly, wouldj abelieve I'm almost through all those CD cases you guys brought me?), and now I'm hijacking someone else's machine to check shit out.

Man, you don't realize how much you depend on your settings until you have to use one that is SO NOT YOUR MACHINE. No offense, but fuck this thing...eww.

ibdreamy and I rescheduled for Tuesday, so my afternoon's free, until tonight, anyway. Um...why you'd care is beyond me.

I need food. Hear me? FOOOOOOOOOOOD.