April 6th, 2005

Burn The World

News - Mechs And Idiocy

Leave it to the Japanese to build a working, walking, and armed mech. Nope, not an exo-skeleton, an actual piloted mech. Check it Out. Yes, I said armed...it sports two Nerf-ball firing guns.

Seems like I constantly see new reasons to be glad i do not watch TV. Got a new one today: Britney Spears and her hubby are getting their own reality show, which is apparently dedicated to their meeting, courtship, and marriage. Oh, joy.


You know, it was nice having Di and Erik here for the last two days...but, at the same time, it sure is nice to get back to quiet, peaceful normality around here.
Artist At Work

Art Work Of A Different Kind

Not icons this time, but an entire web template. mscarr asked if I designed websites, and I agreed...but then she dropped the bomb on me: she wanted a pink Hello Kitty layout.

Me. Do a Hello Kitty website template. In pink.

Well, that was a challenge. Could I manage to make myself do a "cute" site? I twitched, but then stopped and thought about it: I'm an ARTIST, dammit! I can do ANYTHING. Besides, if I've whored myself to AOL for animated advertising tiles, it's not like a pink Hello Kitty site was gonna make me any lower. :P

In the end, it was actually kinda fun, believe it or not. Fun, in that it made me stretch my creative muscles a little and do something that I normally wouldn't do, and fun in that someone liked and appreciated the work. I'm sure she'll get some content in and upload the site in the near future, but I figured I'd show off the initial looks...

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I really DO know better than to feed trolls...but sometimes, the food just falls out of your hands and into his mouth...and it's still funny. People REALLY need to calm down and remember that things don't matter that much.
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