April 18th, 2005

Use Your Brain

Expand your Mind

OK, let's see how ya did:
1. Most of you figured out that VOLIX = vol. IX = Volume 9

2. unhappymeal figured out (and theatresphynx was close) in figuring that the horse tied to the 5-meter rope could reach the hay 6 meters away...because the rope isn't tied to anything else.

3. The two above and daddygod figured out that Rachel isn't getting the even tan at the nude beach...because SHE isn't nude. Foolish Rachel.
Good work, all, for some creative answers. ready fro a new murder mystery? Seems our old friend Detective Shadow can't get away from the work, even on vacation...
While on vacation in Europe, Shadow was touring some of the ancient castles. The tour went up a long flight of stairs, until they came upon a huge wooden door. The guide pulled the door open and shone a light inside. There was a long shaft with four walls ending some 40 meters below. The guide explained that this room had served as a disposal system for those who were out of favour with the castle lord. As the group made their way back down the stairs, they heard a loud scream and a thud. Shadow and the guide ran back to find a suicide note pinned to the large wooden door. They swung the door open and shone a light down the shaft. A woman from the tour lay dead at the bottom. "This was no suicide," declared Shadow, "this was murder." How could he be so certain?
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Wise-Crackin' 911 Operator

OK, this guy is my hero for the day.

A 911 operator in Watauga, TX got a call from some woman who phoned authorities after coming home to find her daughters fighting. She told the dispatcher that her 12-year-old had kicked a hole in the door. Now, why she dialled 911 for THAT is beyond me...but, upon being told this, dispatcher Mike Forbess responded:"Okay, did you want us to come over and shoot her?"


Anyway, the woman paused and said "Excuse me?", and he apologized, but she got all offended. Forbess took it on himself to let a supe know what happened, and in the end he got a written warning about ever doing it again.

See? Took responsibility for his own faux pas, which shows integrity, and sniped an excellent one at some bitch wasting 911's time.

Mike Forbess, this Bud's for you. You ROCK.
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Worship Chaos

Ani-mule Nooz

Forgot to mention: talked with skeletoncrew last night, and we ended up with first pick of her and maxomai's baby mice, so I'll be trippin' by their place on Saturday to pick up four littl'uns. Yay, baby animals in the house again...been way too long.