April 20th, 2005


Metal Therapy

Sometimes, you just have to say screw your neighbours, open all the windows, turn up the stereo, and sing "Holy Diver" at the top of your lungs. Preceding it with some Iron Maiden and cueing up more metal to follow just intensifies the effect.

Doctor Chaos knows how to cure what ails ya.

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
Dio - Holy Diver
GWAR - Gor-Gor
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil
Eerie Ln - Sexorthesaw
...and the list continues...
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    Dio - Holy Diver
Kiss My Ass

Artistic Temper

Maybe it's a mix of the icon work today, and some left over adrenaline, and a need for...things...but I ran across something that is just so pathetic, I'd say that I don't believe I'm seeing it, except for the fact that I CAN believe it, as it's right in line with my standard thoughts about lazy humanity.

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    Bionic Jive - Rock On