April 21st, 2005



Not doing good, dunno why. Maybe whatever it is has something to do with how bitchy I've been the last couple days, not sure. I feel like I need something, but I don't know what.


Well, whatever. Doesn't make the slightest difference, I guess.
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News Of The Funny

What If: Confederates and Trekkies Trekkers

An April Fool's column from the Columbus, GA Ledger-Enquirer. Made me laugh.

Neighbours Lower Nazi Flag

This woman claims she didn't know what the flag was, but her baby daughter liked the bright colours, so she flew it. She's finally taken it down after enough protest went on. What kind of rock do you have to live under not to know what a Nazi flag stands for? Now, I'm all for getting the stigma off of the swastika (it was a symbol of good and warmth long before that sawed-off goofball took it for his political party), but damn, come on.

A UK magazine is reporting that LED ZEPPELIN singer Robert Plant claims he used to watch live sex shows with clean-cut ABBA stars Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson.

Plant says he used to enjoy drinking in X-rated bars with the Swedish stars and his LED ZEPPELIN sidekick Jimmy Page.

At the time, in late 1978, Plant and Page were recording ZEPPELIN's "In Through the Out Door" album in ABBA's Stockholm, Sweden, studio with colleagues John Bonham and John Paul Jones.

Plant has told a Swedish TV show that Ulvaeus and Andersson used to accompany them to local sex clubs to get away from their wives — ABBA stars Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad.

Plant said, "I knew Benny and Bjorn very well. Jimmy and I were hanging around with them most nights.

"There were some really good clubs. People would go to bed on circle-shaped mattresses in front of us.

"Men and women would start having sex while we were having a drink."

However, an ABBA spokesperson has denied Plant's lurid story: "They've never been to any sex club with Robert Plant."

Thanks to igiggedwitdanny for that one!
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Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Point to kidmissile who figured out Mr. Greenwich's time dilemma:
When he left home, Mr. Greenwich wound his clock and noted the time. When he returned, the clock told him how long he'd taken walking to Mr. Terminal's house, visiting, and returning home. He also noted the time of arrival and departure at Mr. terminal's house, so he knew how much time he'd spent there. Taking that time form the elapsed time gave him his travel time, and half of that would be the travel time one way. Adding that to his departure time from Mr. Terminal's house gave him the correct time, and he reset his clock.
Convoluted? Sure. But I guess that's life when you have no modern conveniences. On to today's problem!
Shadow received a near-hysterical call from Art Dodger. "Some thief has pried my safe open and made off with all my wife's jewelry! Come over straight away, please!" When Shadow arrived, Art recounted his story. "My wife's in the hospital, so I've had to fend for myself. I was in the kitchen making dinner, when I heard a loud noise in the basement. I rushed to the hall to see this woman race past me and out the front door. I suddenly realized she was carrying my wife's jewelry case. I ran down the street after her, but she was a very fast runner and after several blocks she lost me. I walked to a nearby phone and called you immediately." Shadow looked down at the damaged safe and remarked, "You better not try that pathetic story with the insurance company or they'll charge you with fraud." What's wrong with Art's story?

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not doing well at all. di cam e home fro luch and I had a small breakdown. very small, but it's there. need darkness. need something.

tired oh so tired

Rising Phoenix

Hey, friends. Sorry 'bout that. Couple things to say.

First: Much thanks to you guys, and you should all know who you are. Those of you who cared enough to send me some good vibes, supportive thoughts, or just, by saying you were there and noticed, helped me stay together, reminding me who my friends are. Thanks for the good words, and for your friendship. It means the world to me. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I have some of the best friends a man could have...they're just spread far and wide.

That thanks also goes out to those of you gutsy enough to get in my face and tell me the news. I needed to face something, and I wasn't, and that wasn't good. Thanks especially to Deech, who stuck with it until I saw what I wasn't seeing. You rock.

Secondly: I'm not actually interested in talking about what happened. I was hurt, badly, and it was primarily my own fault. I'm not ashamed to tell you tears were shed, and I snapped, more than a little. But, as I fell, I've also risen, and I'm on the trail back upwards. I'm not going to say "I'm fine", because I'm not...yet. But I see a path, and I'm travelling on it.

Don't feel sorry for me; in the end, I'm not sorry it happened. It was necessary, considering what was happening in my head, and thus I do not lament it. It's just another obstacle to be overcome, and I'm doing that. That's all I'll say in public, and I just ask that you respect that.

Lastly: I'm going through a bit of a paradigm shift in my head. This is always tough, and tougher still because of where I let myself go, blindly...but it has to be done, because I broke one or two of my own cardinal rules. So, bear with me, because it's a tough fuckin' journey for me to take, and (much as I hate to admit it) I'm only human; I will slip, here and there.

But I'll always get back up again. I won't be beaten by anyone...least of all my own self.
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