April 22nd, 2005

Gaming Is A Way Of Life

Quotes From The Evening

- "This doesn't tell me anything, this just tells me there's a dot on my hand."
- "So, you're saying the man you just fingered is a 'cum god' who's connected to your bunghole?!?"
- "Can I recommend that you quit thinking for yourself?"

Yes, this is a horror RPG. Not so you'd notice, sometimes.
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Well, with the hooplah in here the last couple days, "Expand Your Mind" looks to have been lost in the shuffle, so instead of doing a new one, I'll just refer you back to it. Unless, of course, this is y'all's way of telling me "This just isn't fun anymore, Frank, lay off." Which is cool, too.
Smackdown (Anger)

Missing Stuff

The last couple days, I've been going through some old boxes of books and stuff, consolidating things and piling up a bunch of books to get rid of (incidentally, I'll list what I'm dumping off, and give you guys a chance at it).

Among the stuff, I've gone through all my game stuff (which is way too many big boxes worth), and it seems like every time I do this, I find something else I'm missing. Last time I did this, I realized my copy of "Toon" and all my "On The Edge" books were missing...which sucks, since I loved that game. Now, I've discovered that my Hol books are gone.

That REALLY sucks. I was looking to run that soon.

Fuck. Me. Sideways.

Rockinest Rockers

Gotta send MAJOR props out to bigdaddygoat and nostradomnatrix, who not only sent me the DVD of the camera footage they shot at the wedding, but sent me 5 copies of it, so I'd have some for the family.


Thanks guys...all over again, thank you. Thanks for being part of my Family.