April 27th, 2005

Artist At Work

Rush Work

So, chatting away happily with corachaos last night, and as we get going, we discuss work-type things, and, in the end, the prospect of some work for me comes up...but I gotta really burn the midnight oil to do it, as in it has to be completed Friday. That's not too bad, really, for what I'm doing, but it does mean that I'll be pretty occupied for the next couple days, most likely.

First things first, though, I needed more of my work on the 'Net, so it can be shown to higher-ups to prove that I can walk the walk. That meant some website revamping, which is where I've been all morning. Still some tweaks to be made elsewhere on the site, but the "Work" section of the site is now considerably more comprehensive. Feel free to bop over to the site, if the mood strikes you, and see some of these corporate logos and animated tile ads I make.

Karmic justice? Just as I got this work, I finally got my copy of 'Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory' that I've been downright JONESING for. And now it has to wait to be played. *sigh* Ah well, the paycheck will make up for it. ;)

Now, however, food must be procured, and graphic ideas fleshed out. If I pull this one off, I'm-a be in tall cotton.
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Most of you were either right or pretty damn close:
Weigh three and three at the same time. If they balance, the light coin is the one left out. If not, then set aside the heavier three 9and the extra) and put one of the lighter three on each side of the scale. Again, if they balance, the one you left out this time is the lighter; if not, the lighter one on the scale is the light coin.
Today's logic problem is a guest problem, supplied by discordian:
Imagine a bridge over a river. A group of four travellers comes to one side of the bridge. The bridge is the only way to cross the river, but it is very narrow and weak. Also, it is pitch black out, and they only have one flashlight between them, and thus they can only cross two at a time. Due to various infirmities, the men will cross at different speeds, meaning any pair can only travel at the speed of the slowest man. The times it takes each man to cross are as follows:

Guy1: 1 minute
Guy2: 2 minutes
Guy3: 5 minutes
Guy4: 10 minutes.

Get them all across to the other side in 17 minutes.

EDIT: Just to be sure you understand, the fact that it is pitch black out means that anyone can only cross with the use of the flashlight...so it'll have to go back and forth.
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Odd Porn Advertising

Now, sure, the URL that this link is advertising for is offensive. (NSFW, VERY much so)

But what REALLY makes me laugh is the fact that, halfway down the page, there's a small tile-ad-style graphic of the URL with Dubya's face...Now THAT'S comedy!

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There Is No Banana

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Made a start on my work, and decided I needed to get a little more organized, so wrote out a couple lists of things that need to be done. Now of course, I have these two lists, longer than I want them to be, staring me in the face.

Damn reality. Where's the fun in that?