May 15th, 2005

Smackdown (Anger)

Fuck You, Hollywood

The Crow 4: Wicked Prayer

A few stills available here.

Two was bad enough. Three was a travesty. That hideous TV show was a reason to kick in your set. This? Christ, just read the "plot summary". Then, if you aren't either laughing your head off or puking your guts out, read the cast list: Ed Furlong? Tara Reid? Macy f'in' Gray? For fuck's sakes, someone find out who's bright idea this was and kill them, slowly.

And please, do you and me both a favour. If you see this and actually get excited or pleased? Don't tell me. Seriously. I'm going to lose a lot of respect for you at that point. No offence, just a fact. I know some of you will love it simply because the guy from 'Angel' is there, and I happen to like Dennis Hopper quite a bit, but still, be a little selective, a little discriminating, please.

Here's To Good Friends, Tonight Is Kinda Special

Spent the morning and midday out at the farm, mostly taking down a bunch of shelves and then dismantling whiny_general's computer, moving her desk, and setting it all up again. Only two small moments of mayhem, and each was handled by me and a trusty set of power tools. Yay, power tools!

The evening found us out at delilahbowie and John's house, for a bit of dinner and hang time. Rockin', to be sure: good food, fun people, and general kick-back. Did get a bit of "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" in, as John showed me the co-op mission mode, and we proved that the two of us should probably never try to be secret sneaky-guys together (damn, I sometimes forget how much I prefer playing stuff like that with a keyboard and mouse, until I get a chance to try and keep all the buttons on a controller straight). All in all, good times...gonna have to start making this a regular dinner and hang thing.

I think I just have time to watch a flick before be good, kids, or I'll turn right around and then no one gets to go to McDonald's.
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