May 19th, 2005

Burn The World

Sexism? In This Day And Age? In the GOP, it's SOP.

Yep...apparently rampant in the Republican Party. House Republicans retreated from a sweeping ban on women in combat support and service units, and instead approved legislation backing the Pentagon’s policy barring women from direct ground combat in a bill passed overnight. Seems they wanted to ban women from combat altogether, but when that wasn't gonna happen, they just stuck an amendment on a bill about defense funding for next year, this barring women from 'direct ground combat'. Never mind that the Army and the Democrats all showed how this sort of thing would would close nearly 22,000 jobs to women, undermine morale, and hamper operations. Nope, the Reps just rammed it through committee anyway.

OK, first off, this is just stupid. There's no reason for this; Hell, I don't see why the Pentagon has the policy in the first place, but bolstering it with Congressional support doesn't help any. Secondly, and more generalized, all my life I've been sickened, from the day I heard about it, by this thing of sticking amendments and riders and the like on bills that have nothing to do with the actual bill, making some other thing legal. Like this: why was this on a fiscal bill? Easy: because it's an underhanded way of getting it passed, because they know the financial end of it will be voted 'yes'. This shit has gone on forever, and is the way a lot of things get shoved through Congress.

Is it any wonder I don't trust the American government any further than I could throw them? Why do you?
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

No one gave a single answer to yesterday's challenge, and I suspect that it's partly due to being bogged down in my Why The Hell Are You Here? question (which, if you haven't answered, please go do), and partly due to so many of my friends here being hyped over the new Star Wars flick (which I understand was very good). So, I'm reposting it today:
Picture a liter of milk and a liter of Kahlua. A cup of the Kahlua is poured into the milk and mixed thoroughly. Then, a cup of that mixture is poured back into the Kahlua. Is the amount of Kahlua now in the milk more, less, or equal to the amount of milk in the Kahlua? Explain.