May 20th, 2005

Burn The World

(no subject)

Possibly the most pathetic thing I've seen all week - and that's saying something. (Post has been deleted)

Quick background: this links to a post form coolshit, just a low-key community where people post the occasional link they think is cool. not annoying and stupid, that's what communities like wtf_inc are for. So, with that in mind, this chick makes a post that is not only pointless, but nonsensical to boot. She's one of these gnats that infest the net, the kind that like to change from capital letters to lower-case ones (without warning, repeatedly, in the midst of a sentence), misspell words (mostly intentionally, as in chat-speak), and randomly replace letters and phonemes with numbers.

The sad part is that when the flame comments come pouring in, she actually defends herself, claiming that she is a bad typer (which is supposed to explain the misspellings) and hurling insults right back. Poor little girl, trying so hard to make up for her intellectual shortcomings.

Hell, check her (brand-spankin' new) journal...every post is like that. Is this what passes for acceptable these days? The very fact that you know the type without looking shows that it is more wide-spread than rare. Sure, these types are still minority, but, as with all things, the more you come to accept, the more it will spread.

Humans. What sad little creatures.