May 23rd, 2005

Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

Two easy and a poser over the weekend, it seems. Hardy's load is lighter because his pillow cases are empty, and Mount Everest is tallest, whether we discovered it or not...both easy enough. Only royhuggins got the idea: Kerry Queen is a skywriter, and as he was in his (airplane) cabin writing a letter, the electrical storm caused his plane to be hit by lightning. Sucks to be him.

OK, on to today's:
During a world fair, a group of scientists were exhibiting their advances in genetic engineering. There were cross-breeds of bulls, cows, and other domestic farm animals. Featured in the exhibit were several over-sized prize turkeys. One afternoon during the show, a woman walked up to the exhibit, shot the turkeys, and then ran from the building. Although she was known to a number of people, nobody made any attempt to stop her. Why?
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Don't Fuck With Me

(no subject)

No motivation today.

Dumped Dungeon Lords last night. Ended up stuck in an area with no way back out, only other save was like 4 hours of game-play (and shitloads of mouse-button abuse in combat) back, and a quick forum perusal showed that this problem was had by several others. Suddenly, the game just wasn't worth it any more. Seeing Dreamcatcher's personal forums had gone down cemented the deal.

Don't bother with the game, trust me. Even if it worked fine, it's still monotonous and cheesy. And it don't work fine.
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Kiss My Ass

Mail Order

So, no, my gloves STILL aren't here. The first set of them apparently got lost in the mail, and the company said they'd end out a new pair. Then, when we asked where THEY were, we were told that she (turns out it's one person running the show) hadn't sent them yet, due to some family issues. Maybe, one day, I'll have them, but I'm not even looking for them anymore.

Recently, I found a DVD that I've searched for years to find. Again, no word on delivery, nothing (this was from eBay, so you never know). Di even tried to get tracking info. Finally, left the guy a bad bit of feedback, and NOW he contacts her, asking for that to be removed and saying he's shipping it out now, that he'd never gotten e-mail from her or something.

Apparently, I'm doomed to never get anything in the mail. See, this is the kind of reasons why I like to just go to the store and get what I want. I lay down the money, I have my product, I go home happy, no waiting.
Archmage Chaos

Just Curious

Last question is really just for the ladies to answer...unless you are a male and happen to wear some upper underclothing frequently, then by all means, go for it.

Poll #499262 Fashion Foibles


Fasten, then zip
Zip, then fasten


Insert foot, pull entire sock on ("Boot" style movement)
Roll sock down, insert foot, unroll sock up foot ("Stocking" style movement)


Pull belt through each loop, individually
Thread belt through each loop as you go around, then pull up the slack

Long Pants

Pull leg all the way through, then go for the other leg
Put both feet in and pull pants up

Shirt (pull-over)

Head first, then arms
Arms first, then head
One arm, head, other arm


Pull pants up, then tuck in shirt
Hold shirt down as you pull pants up

Underclothing 1

Folded in the drawer
Stuffed/tossed in the drawer

Underclothing 2 (Ladies)

Tend towards matched top and bottom
Couldn't care less
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