May 26th, 2005


Judge Ignores Religious Freedom

Get this load of happy crappy.

Seems a couple in Indiana got divorced, and they have joint custody of their 9-year-old son. Seems to be fairly amicable (dunno the reasons, doesn't matter). Both parents are Wiccan...but the judge, with no input from either parent, put a clause in their divorce that prohibits either parent from teaching the child any further Wiccan beliefs.

Yep, that's right: neither parent brought this up, and both objected...but the judge went in the face of Constitutional religious freedom and basic civil liberties, making some crack about "non-mainstream religions" causing "confusion" as the boy ages.

Quite obviously, this is being appealed, and it's hard to imagine this won't get shot down (I mean, come on, religious freedom? Pretty basic stuff, here), but the point is that it happened in the first place, and should not have.

Hell in a hand-basket, kids.

*Thanx to maxomai for the link*
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Just My Day To Be Annoyed With Religious Nuts

HPV (human papillomavirus) is a common STD that can lead to cervical cancer, which accounts for about a quarter-million deaths annually. So, I think we can all agree, it's a bad thing.

A recent clinical trial of a vaccine to protect against HPV and prevent persistent infection with two strains of it was shown to be 100% effective, and vaccinating young girls prior to them becoming sexually active (and thus, preventing the onset and spread of HPV) would be the next logical step. Experts are already making claims that this would be a major step in gynocological health. Can we all agree this is a good thing?

Not everyone, apparently. Seems Christian lobby groups are already getting riled up, and gearing up to oppose it Why? Bridget Maher of the Family Research Council says that the best way to prevent HPV is abstinence, and apparently, that means any other way is, what, sinful? These groups seem to think that this vaccination would lead young girls to may "see it as a licence to engage in premarital sex." Because, yeah, all the OTHER problems and things that sex involves aren't any big deal, right? One little vaccination will lead to fucking in the streets.

Are these people serious? We're talking about a major step forward in the fight against cancer, and these zealots want to stop it because they refuse to teach anything to their children, choosing instead to live in fear that someone, somewhere, might think differently than they do, or choose to live their life based on some principles of humanity instead of a book of dubious origin (or some other book of dubious origin).

Look, I have nothing against your religion, whatever it may be. But I do have a problem with you or anyone else telling me to live my life differently, simply because you don't agree with my choices...and I have a SERIOUS problem with you trying to stop thousands of people from improving their quality of life, just because you choose not to get laid (for whatever reason).

As always, religion solves considerably less, on a public scale, than education.

*Thanx to maxomai for the link, again*
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OK, so, happy number 1: got my region-free, original, uncut DVD of M.A.R.K-13/Hardware today, so that makes me very, very happy. Oh, so very happy.

Happy number 2: Dianna and I decided to go ahead and get her the new computer, and once I get the old Banshee fixed properly (which should be quick, cheap, and easy), we'll use it as a file/game server. With the machine, she ordered a 17" flatscreen LCD monitor for me, and FedEx shows it as being in Vancouver, so I could have that tomorrow...yay!

Happy number 3: got a letter from sweetsistermary, regarding some stuff we're dealing with...and either she has extremely good taste in stationery, she's lucky, or she knows my love for Masuimi Max, since the letter was written on a lightly printed pic of her. *MROWR*