June 3rd, 2005



Well, seems that fille_morte tagged me to list 5 songs that I'm currently digging. Narrowing down just 5 songs is damn near impossible...so let's see what I come up with:

1. "Boom Shakalak" by Apache Indian - one of those bouncing, happy tracks that makes you dance. I'm convinced that it's one of those tracks you simply can't not like.

2. "Earthbase 1" by Texas Audio - Techno dance happiness.

3. "Sexorthesaw" by Eerie Ln. - obscure track that I got on a CD sampler. Fun metal track, inspired by Leatherface!

4. "A Smaller God" by Darling Violetta - found this in the "Vampire: Bloodlines" game, and it runs through my head a lot, for some reason

5. "Fortress Europe" by Asian Dub Foundation - got hooked on it while playing "Need For Speed: Underground"

...and the list could go on...
Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

I know, I've been very slack with EYM this week. Sorry. Latest answers: 1. the tree would be at half it's max height in 9 years (if it doubled each year, then the previous year is half the height), 2. "Cousin" doesn't belong, being the only non-gender specific (though I'll accept "sister" as being the only one you share parents with), and 3. "Tower", because Group A words can all start with 'water', and "bag", because Group C words can all begin with sand.

OK, weekend three, and I'll do better next week, I promise:
1. At 7am, a train moving 90 kph leaves Montreal heading for Toronto. At 8am, a train running 110 kph leaves Toronto heading for Montreal. Which train will be closer to Montreal when they meet?

2. If you take two apples from three apples, how many would you have?

3. What is the next letter in the following sequence: M A M J J A S O __?


Just a note: to those I owe books, I'm planning to get them sent out next week, if at all possible (including sending this book back to you, wesa, sorry for the delay!).
Artist At Work

Sad Campaigning

Had to pass this along...the Photoshop wizard in me is appalled and amused at the same time.

Seems we have Bret Schundler, running for the GOP nomination for Governor of New Jersey. OK, groovy so far. At his campaign website, we have him hawking his "Reform gear", which is just hats and t-shirts with his campaign logo on them. Again, so far, no worries. Even has a nice pic of him and some adoring supporters:

Collapse )

Well, we have a slight problem now. See any similarities?

Collapse )


Now, the image has already been taken down. Of course, now starts the statements tossed back and forth, because, you know, that's what politics is really all about. His opponents, of course, hold this up as some sort of proof of something, I'm not entirely sure what. Schundler and his group say they had nothing to do with that, and never asked for a doctored photo. Meanwhile, the Dean campaign photographer who took the shot is in a bit of a dispute with the web firm, who claim THEY took the photo. And, fear not, this is politics, so the Schundler camp is making speeches about how the Democrats must be "afraid of him" since their pushing this so much. Hooray for politics: it's the sure-fire way to make everyone act on their worst behaviour.

My concern? Christ, you can still see Dean's thumb in the doctored collage. What moron artist didn't take that out?!?

White Trash

Did a little thrift-store wandering this afternoon, and, as usual, found some beautiful, funny, and hideous stuff. Here's some highlights:But now it's tie to kick back with a movie or two, a bag of Peanut Butter M&M's, and a beautiful woman. Good weekend to you all!
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