June 4th, 2005

Burn The World


As long as I'm discussing world paranoia elsewhere, let me toss this out for you.

Beware of strange odours or mysterious vapours: scientists have found a possible link between oxytocin and a person's willingness to trust...and a simple shot of it as a nasal spray seems to work. As an aerial infusion?

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World Record Marriage

Now, if this ain't a feel-good story, I dunno what is.

A British couple just celebrated their wedding anniversary: 80 years together. The Guinness World Records says that they hold the record for the longest marriage, as well as the highest aggregate age. Percy, 105, and Florence, 100, married on June 1st, 1925, and say they are still in love, and attribute their success to never being afraid to say "sorry" (though Percy said his secret is two words: "yes dear").

Now, how cool is that, to not only still be alive at that age, both of you, but to still be together and in love? Way cool...cheers to them both!