June 8th, 2005

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OK, so it was pretty simple: take a live lamb, and slaughter it upon arrival. Get your heads around this one:
Ari Gant boasts to Professor Quantum and Dr. Prod that he is the best chess player of the three. In the upcoming chess tournament between them, Ari claims that he will probably win all three games they will play, and definitely two in a row. Ari knows that Professor Quantum usually beats him, but he hasn't any problem defeating Dr. Prod. What is the best way for Ari to play his opposition so that he has the best chance of succeeding in his definite claim. Should he play Quantum - Prod - Quantum, or should he play Prod - Quantum - Prod?

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If these work (and they are, but oh-so-slowly), I'll have the entire run of Danger Mouse. Man, I need to buy some more blank DVDs, just to back up these video files...

I need a shower.
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Burn The World

File This Under "Way To Go, Dumbass"

Police fatally shoot man wielding a machete

So, get this. Cops show up, this guy's in the driveway holding a machete. They tell him, repeatedly, to drop the weapon...and he doesn't. They fire at him with the bean-bag gun, 4 times...and he doesn't drop it. What does he do then? He approaches them, machete still in hand, against their orders. Is it any wonder they shot him?

What the fuck is wrong with people? When the cops order you to stop what you are doing, fucking stop what you are doing. If you don't, then you are subject to consequence, period. It doesn't take much cranial power to follow the directives of law enforcement; they tend to be very forward about what they want, and they don't give a lot of leeway as to how you should do whatever it is they want you to do.

I've seen too many of these stories crop up lately. Someone doesn't do what the police tell them to do, and the police react; then these people get killed or hurt, and they have the gall to be shocked and outraged by it. What the fuck did you expect was gonna happen, that they'd ignore you?