June 9th, 2005


News Oddities

Two odd stories that caught my eye this morning:

Grisly Discovery In Moscow Apartment - Police checking on unpaid bills made a gruesome discovery in a Moscow apartment: the skeletal remains of four family members who apparently died at different times over a period of up to five years, prosecutors have said. Yes, DIFFERENT TIMES. A couple, their daughter and granddaughter. The man, born 1912, appears to have died 5 years ago, and his wife, born 1914, two years later. The daughter, born 1942, and the granddaughter, born 1971, seem to have died about two years ago. Causes of death are, thus far, unknown...and so is the reasons behind this rather odd situation.

Man Dies In Car Accident - And why, you ask, is this odd? People in an SUV on an icy road run off the side, roll the thing several times, and the guy in the back seat, who was not wearing a seatbelt, is ejected from the vehicle and dies. Pretty normal and boring. Well, there's a note of irony, since just a year before, he was ranting on about how the government shouldn't impose seatbelt laws, decrying them as pointless. Makes you wonder if, when his body finally came to a full stop, was his foot in his mouth?
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Use Your Brain

Expand Your Mind

So, a bit of a stumper yesterday, huh? Seems the best way to play would be Quantum - Prod - Quantum. Since he claimed he'd definitely win two in a row, it is imperative that he win the second game, and thus that he play Prod second. that way, even if he loses the first one, he has a chance at making good on his boast.

Something a little easier, perhaps:
When Sandy Beach was six years old, she hammered a nail into her favourite tree to mark her height. Ten years later, at sweet sixteen, Sandy returned to see how much higher the nail was. If the tree grew by five centimetres each year, how much higher would the nail be?
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Worship Chaos


You know you made damn good burgers when you can reheat the leftovers (what little there is) the next day and they're are STILL damn good.
Glow Skull

Scariest Video Game Ever

Anyone have info on the origin of this video clip?

Real Zombies?!? - (link goes to Kontraband.com, and should be mostly SFW, but that's not guaranteed, so, just warning ya)

I'd love to know where this came from, and what's going on. I don't buy it as reality, in which case it's funny...but just imagine if it wasn't...I'd play in a heartbeat!
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