June 26th, 2005

Heart In This Shell

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This day started out really well. It continued going pretty damn good, and the afternoon had a really high note, lots of fun planned. Amazing how things can crash so hard, over something so little. Still, seems to have been, not salvaged, but levelled off, enough to get straight again.

Too tired to type it all out. More tomorrow.

I'll say one thing, though. The last several days have been some of the most roller-coaster days I've had in a long time. I don't mean the time, as a whole, I mean up and down, moment to moment in the day, for several days lately. It's taking it's toll on me, wearing me thin and threadbare. Good thing I have a knack for reweaving myself; the pattern may not always match up, and the texture may not be as smooth, but the weft is always strong and binds the warp together for another round. Guess I'm just an old blanket, when all's said and done. I've got my patches and my holes, my rents and my ravelled edges, but people still manage to feel safe with me.

Sheets make you feel safe, right?
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Glow Skull


OK, so, yesterday.

Day started good. Since we had Erik all weekend, the morning was easier, not having to get up early and go get him. Went out to the farm, relaxed, had a good time. Ray and I discussed the further plans for building a playhouse/jungle gym for the grandkids, and set off the area to do it...a great spot, partially under fir trees and thus shady, easy to see from the house. Looks like it'll be pretty cool. Also introduced Ray to Colors, by Ken Nordine, which he enjoyed.

Another up side was a little project I planned. Erik had been playing with some chairs and an old sheet, making a tent, and he had asked Dianna if we could run a string across from wall to wall, over his bed, so a sheet could hang over it like a tent. Well, Di asked if I could make something even cooler, and I thought, and planned, and came up with, dammit, the coolest thing ever. Collapse )

OK, so we headed for home to make some measurements, and everyone was really jazzed about it. We get back in the car...and it doesn't start. Collapse )

Anyway, long story short (too late!), the part is ordered, will be here tomorrow. James will be off work at 4pm, will pick up the part and come install it, and that should be the end of this little saga. Man, it sucks that I went to a high school that didn't offer auto shop.