June 30th, 2005



Sometimes, as i read over my friends list, no offence to anyone, but I read things that just make me stop and go "You gotta be kidding me. Why do I even know you, you fucking head-case? Wake up and/or come back to the real world." Of course, I fully expect to get that reaction out of some of you from time to time, too.


Back to Silent Hill...mmmmm....


Game went well, last night. Interesting start, have the makings of some diverse character types. delilahbowie, would you let John know his sunglasses are here?


Dinner at polarbear's new place tonight. Should be good times, haven't seen him in a while.


thisismostlyme and reddeath77 should be here any minute now. Lori decided she's just not a mouse person, so I'm giving her mice a new home...ahh, there they are now.
Burn The World

Spain Steps Up To The Plate

As Canada gets ready to make same-sex marriages legal across the country, Spain stepped up and passed it's own bill first, making it officially the third country to make this legal. Lawmakers announced their decision to make the unions legal as well as approving adoptions for gay couples and changes in inheritance laws.

Yes, Spain. As madeofmeat pointed out, Catholic-dominated Spain. Even with a protest petition by a group that opposed it, the bill passed, easily, and polls showed that 62% of the country was in agreement with this.

Here's my favourite part: Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero had this to say: "We were not the first, but I am sure we will not be the last. After us will come many other countries, driven, ladies and gentlemen, by two unstoppable forces: freedom and equality."

Hear that? Freedom and equality. You know, those things America used to pride itself on being the world leader in providing to its citizens? And this is from, again, a country built on a pretty dogmatic religious foundation, a considerably more solid religious base than (supposedly) free and tolerant America.

Sad to see a country based on acceptance and freedom being so amazingly intolerant...but fuckin' beautiful to see others taking the torch and running with it. Let's hope the US eventually figures out what's important in life and catches up. Of course, to do that, the government will have to stop thinking like a school-yard bully and start thinking like a fellow citizen of the global community, and will have to actually give a shit about its people, and not just it's corporations.
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Artist At Work

Icon Work

Been a while since I made an icon that anyone could use...so, with all the mind-blowing idiocy in the world lately, I found myself thinking "what the...?!?" a lot...and this seems to fit:

So, feel free to use it if you like. Credit's not necessary, though if someone asks you where you got it, it would be nice to have you direct them my way. And, you know, a quick fan sign is ALWAYS appreciated. ;)
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