July 6th, 2005

Cry Blood (Hurt)

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What in the name of Bonaparte's balls am I doing awake at 5:30 in the morning?

Great, I'm tired, moody, and sore, and the day is just starting, and starting early at that. Gonna be a long one, folks.

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Went back to bed for about 3 hours...feel MUCH better.

Mmmm....need food BADLY.
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Doncha Feel Like A Jackass Now?

Seems someone in Arizona is probably liking the taste of his own feet. Four Air Force pilots were lining up for a memorial flyby of the funeral of a fellow officer who died in Iraq. They flew a holding pattern six miles away, in Glendale, to get in formation and to time things right,and then headed off. Tom MacRae of Peoria wrote a letter to the local paper, bitching about the "morning air show" and calling the pilots "Tom Cruise wannabes", asking if they were trying to impress mall clerks or something.

Now, OK, he didn't know what this was for, but this is the kind of crap that gets to me. He bitches about the "wake-up call", but it's not as if it was 6am, it was just after 9am. Regardless, this isn't something that happens a lot, this happened just now...and his response is to write a bitchy, snarky letter to the newspaper, complaining? Who does this ass think he is?

I note with some happiness that Col. Robin Rand, commander of Luke Air Force Base's 56th Fighter Wing and Lt. Col. Scott Pleus, commander of the 63rd Fighter Squadron (who was not only part of that formation, but who had the sad duty of informing the fallen airman's family of his death) both wrote to the paper and responded.

I salute you, gentlemen. Oh, and, Tom? After you ever get that foot out of your mouth, try getting your head out of your ass.
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Quiet Evening

Not much happening. Spent a while on the phone, chattin' with duchess_webb, and generally goofing off. Erik bought some "Lightsaber Battle" thing you hook up to the TV, so he played that for a while (truth to tell, it is pretty cool...good thing it leaves with him tomorrow, or else I could see myself fooling with it all day). Dianna's got some serious pain in her jaw, dunno what from, so we're trying to get her into a dentist ASAP.

Spent most of the evening reading Harley Quinn comics. DAMN, that chick is sexy. *MROWR*