July 11th, 2005



Passed out around 8 last night, and only stirred once before 7 this morning. Just too tired and too hurt to stay awake. Feeling better today, most of my range of motion is back with minimal pain, so that's good...gives me a chance to get some work done for a change.

Not much else to tell.
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Homo sapiens vampiris

This is the home site of Peter Watts, sci-fi author. The above link goes to a short presentation called "Vampire Domestication" which comes across as a scientific symposium and presentation, starting about an experiment in gene therapy on an autistic child and how the doctors discovered what seems to be a lost subspecies of human: the vampire. It's amazing. Every aspect of vampirism is researched and explained in nearly completely plausible, scientific ways...right down to myths versus reality of various ancient vampire knowledge, future applications of vampires, and patenting the names of drugs that suppress the "Crucifix Glitch".

The whole thing is about half an hour long, so make sure you have time to view it. SFW, but takes a while. Fuckin' beautiful. This recording was actually a presentation at Ad Astra at some point...I would have LOVED to have seen it live.