July 21st, 2005

Archmage Chaos

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Up early...feh. Still, got to see zombiedip off, and that's nice. Chatted with pandora1723 for a bit, and heard from ibdreamy, which is nice.

Not much to say, today...not yet, anyway. Disgusted with the planet, as usual. Had something I was gonna say, and it's completely slipped my mind, now.

Oh, one nice side note: the author of That Darn Chauncey recently made an LJ post, and I got to commenting back and forth with him about the comic, etc. Later that day, out of the blue, I got an e-mail from him, mentioning that he thought my website was cool and that he liked the design. That felt pretty cool, gotta say.

- Heard from Jessica recently, but haven't been able to get hold of her since. Damn, that sucked as bas as not knowing...but at least she's OK. Just hoping she calls soon...

- Rearranged the front room a tad. Those that know my tendency to do this should be impressed that I went almost 2 years without changing it, this time.

- Game tonight, and that's cool. Gotta get back to the island...
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Real Women

*Reposted from unhappymeal*

Recently found on Chicagoist:
Chunky women in their underwear have surrounded my house.

Billboards of chunky women, that is. If you've been downtown lately, you've no doubt noticed the ads for Dove soap, featuring regular-sized women in bras and panties. It's part of a nationwide "Campaign for Real Beauty," and it's drawing waves of attention from the media. (For a major debate on this issue that's sure to sever some friendships in our Features Department, check out Pages 44-45.)

There's no doubt the ads are attention-getting. Let's put it this way: this is the first time in 3,000-plus columns that I've ever mentioned Dove soap.

Now here's where I'm supposed to say that I find it refreshing to see "real people" on billboards, given that our culture is so obsessed with youth and beauty, and that most billboards feature impossibly gorgeous, ridiculously thin women who have been airbrushed to a level of perfection that 99.9 percent of the population can never reach.

But the raw truth is, I find these Dove ads a little unsettling. If I want to see plump gals baring too much skin, I'll go to Taste of Chicago, OK? I'll walk down Michigan Avenue or go to Navy Pier. When we're talking women in their underwear on billboards outside my living room windows, give me the fantasy babes, please.

If that makes me sound superficial, shallow and sexist -- well yes, I'm a man. And I'll have to point out that most of the men who appear on billboards and in magazines and on TV commercials are just as genetically blessed as their female counterparts.
Awwwww... poor Richard has been in the movie theatres too long and has forgotten that the majority of women don't look like the ones on screen.

Oh, my favorite line of all:

"If that makes me sound superficial, shallow and sexist -- well yes, I'm a man."

A real man wouldn't whine about something like this.

ADDED: See the ad campaign here; thanks to deusinnomen for the link.
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Artist At Work

Icon Work

And, hot on the heels of icon community drama, here's some icon drama...feel free to use, repost, whatever.

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No, that's not my cock. I don't have access to Barbie dolls.
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Cry Blood (Hurt)


Bit my tongue while eating dinner, hard enough to take a small chunk out of the front and have it bleed like a stuck pig for a while. Needless to say, it's now sore and annoying. Grrr.

Good game tonight, though. Short, but didn't want to get into the next section and have to stop, so we cut a little early. I'm just glad it's going well.

Early to bed for me tonight...farm tomorrow!