July 24th, 2005


Mushroom-Cheese Fondue

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We did this for dinner and it was damn fine. We used colby-jack for the cheese, to keep it mild, and we skipped on the chives. Used cocktail sausages and toasted garlic sourdough bread cubes. Absolutely tasty, though the mustard was just a hair on the strong side. Next time, only 1, maybe 1 1/2 tablespoons.

Give it a go some night. Easy as heck to make and eat.

Lucky Moment

Stopped at the store to buy a new pair of carpenter's pants, for working out at the farm. Looked and looked and finally found one pair in my size. Go to check out, picked up some sodas, clerk turns to me and says "OK, your total is $4.07" - and then cocks an eyebrow at the same time I did. 3 sodas and a new pair of carpenter's work pants, four bucks?!?

The damn things were scanning as $0.01...and while I wasn't going to argue, that just couldn't be right. He scanned it again, same thing, he called his supervisor over, she scanned them twice, same thing. Finally she decided it must be something they discontinued or something, and gave them to me for $2.

Best pair of pants I've ever bought.

As a side note, bought a new hat to work in, so I don't fuck up my FBI hat. Saw that and had to have iot...such fun things you can find at the second-hand thrift store!
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Good Habits

So, we're just hanging out, not doing anything, and Erik walks in and says, brightly, "Anyone want to hear me read my Archie comic?"

Reading. Out loud. Voluntarily. Damn near shit myself. Hey, I take what I can get, and he's coming along nicely. And, gotta say, of all the crap he could be reading, I like that he's become an Archie fan. Clean, funny, and completely safe.

If that doesn't warrant the use of my newest icon, I don't know what does.