July 30th, 2005

Getting Old (Suckage)

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I had something else I posted earlier this evening, but I deleted it. Just a long angry rant that started as a very wide tangent to something else and went clear off the deep end. After it being taken somewhat wrongly, I edited it, and now I've just 86'ed the whole thing. Fuck it, it wasn't important. Just me allowing myself an indulgence of my deep seated anger at humanity again.

Not a great evening for my head.

Moving Stuff

Did a little shopping for the new place today. Mostly boring stuff, but got some new kitchen chairs and a couple kick-ass huge old armchairs, very heavy wood/60's-rec-room look, very comfy. Got some DVDs on the cheap, too, so it's 70's comedy afternoon at my place.

Yeah, I'm just SO interesting.
Artist At Work


kidmissile mentioned that he wanted "a Hello Kitty icon done in the style of the Suicide Girls logo"...well, I couldn't turn down that challenge.

Working from this:

I made a reasonable facsimile:
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Cry Blood (Hurt)

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Apparently, at some point, my right hand decided it was mad at me. This would explain why it made sure to get hit with a fist-moving hose coupling (thus making the wrist hurt for a week), and then jumping out and hitting a metal door edge...and later a table...today.

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